Embassy of Ghana, USA, to Launch an Enhanced Passport and Visa Platform

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As part of the Embassy of Ghana’s ongoing efforts to provide improved passport and visa services to our clients, we are pleased to announce a new user-friendly and fully integrated visa and passport application system starting Thursday, April 8, 2021.


The new and enhanced online application system will expand our capabilities and allow us to provide efficient and faster services to our clients throughout the United States. Other beneficial features that our clients will enjoy include; 

  • 24/7 application system,
  • Progress updates on submitted applications through SMS and emails, 
  • Online live chat support, and  
  • Structured appointment system to accommodate in-person application submission when the options become available.


Persons who submitted their applications prior to the launch will not be impacted by the changes. New clients should simply follow the new guidelines and submit their applications on our website; www.ghanaembassydc.org. Please note that visa and passport fees remain unchanged. 


For all inquiries regarding the new platform, please use the new live chat support feature on our website. You may also send visa and passport questions to visa@ghanaembassydc.org or passport@ghanaembassydc.org.